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Revivals Furniture Paint

Developed a environmentally friendly, chalk paint that can be custom tinted into most Benjamin Moore colours*. Now, we are committed to helping people "revive" these old treasures and create unique statement pieces for their home while helping our planet in the process! What could be better! Start your next project using Vintage Revivals chalk paint today! Manufactured in alberta, what can be better than supporting local

Paint Scentsations

WHEN PAINT ISN'T ENOUGH. Don't limit your painting project to just pleasing visual senses. Paint out odors, paint on freshness! Optimize it by adding a fresh scent and odor combatant that lasts for months.Choose from eight popular Scents.

Ben Chalkboard Paint

Benjamin Moore Chalkboard Paint, available in any color, lets you turn virtually any interior surface into an easy-to-clean chalkboard. It goes on smoothly, just like other paints—and with lots of fun colors to choose from, the blackboard no longer has to be black.

Fire Retardant Paint

Fire Retardant Paint expands and forms a thick cellular char blanket, called intumescence, when attacked by flame. This latex paint retards flame spread, minimizes smoke development, and applies like a conventional latex flat paint.

The Benjamin Moore Floor & Patio is an interior and exterior product recommended for basements, porches, patios, breezeways, showrooms, and light industrial applications.

Floor & Patio is resistant to soaps and detergents, grease and oil as well as

resists marring and scratching and delivers lasting finish. 

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